On Life — Intelligent ET Life Has Been Confirmed, Now We Need To Confirm There Is Intelligence On This Planet As Well

The US Navy has been lowkey confirming the existence of what they call unidentified aerial phenomenon. In a typical governmental way, they picked the worse moment possible — mid pandemic lockdown, when everyone was worrying about toilet paper — to do this. So a lot of people might have missed this glorious moment.

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The Big Reveal

See… extraterrestrial life has always fascinated me. My whole life I was pretty sure that life on this planet was not the only life in this Universe. But somehow I always thought that when the moment arrives that a government would announce the existence of ET, it would be a worldwide momentum in human history. Years after that people would say “I remember where I was when they confirmed there is intelligence outside of this planet”. By now, my guess is — you were in the toilet, judging by the amount of toilet paper that was purchased by humanity between March and April of 2020. Anyway, it was not grandiose at all. Want to see how the official videos have been released? Here, take a look. GOFAST.wmv 😒 I see governmental file naming system is on point, good use of the trillions of dollars being invested into such organizations.

Anyway, no grandiose reveal, but still… it’s been confirmed by the Pentagon and all, so I’m happy. People have called me a ‘conspiracy theorist’ for mentioning the existence of aliens. I guess the thought that this whole Universe has been created so that we can walk on Earth thinking we own everything sets some people’s egos at even greater ease. It justifies a lot of stupidity on this planet. I get it. But it’s time we snap out of this way of thinking.

The existence of UFOs or AEP’s as they are called now is finally a fact. Hearing about how confused or excited Navy dudes are at seeing one, I’m sure to say that those spotted AEPs are way more advanced than us. Why? Fact number one — the Moon has been the farthest we, as humanity, have been outside of our planet. There are no human AEP’s flying around other planets. Fact number two — there is no way to fly this kind of unidentified objects on fossil fuels. Fact number three — trained Navy guys are acting like five years old when seeing those objects, not understanding how such speed is achieved against the wind, I mean, “look at that thing dude. I have a whole bunch of those, but you get the idea, right?

The Terrestrial Intelligence

Where am I getting with this? Well… now that we know for sure that aliens exist, we can for once stop focusing on thinking about ourselves, and shift the focus to humanity as a whole. I’m pretty sure that those unidentified intelligent creatures are not here to harm us, but I’m not sure about us not wanting to harm them. Or ourselves. See, intelligent life outside this planet has been confirmed, but how about on this planet? I look around at what’s going on in this world and I see (civil) wars, aggression, hate, sickness, greed. Same old, same old. Intelligence on this planet is lacking big time. I hope soon someone can confirm there is still some left, but things are getting even worse as time goes by, don’t you think?

We all go through life in search of our own purpose, but do we have a purpose as humanity as well? Is there a next step to be taken in the evolutionary process of human beings as a civilization? Let’s turn to Kardashev for some help on this one. In the ’60 astronomer Nikolai Kardashev proposed a scale system of how to rank civilizations. See, money is not a Universal currency, but energy is. I mean, try to convince one of those AEP’s that Jeff Bezos is a big shot because he has a lot of fine-cut paper with some numbers on it. It wouldn’t work. It’s just paper, it doesn’t grow on trees, it is trees. But energy usage and efficiency is what fuels this whole Universe. And researching the Kardashev scale made me a bit sad. Why? Well… because by these standards we’re yet to become a civilization. See, a Type I civilization is able to use all the available energy on their planet. So not only the one that is buried deep down the ground and trillions of money are invested (and even more made out of it) into getting it out so that we can burn it down and with it burn this whole planet down. No coal. No nuclear power. There are so many other ways to harness energy in a very sustainable way. Yes, solar and wind energy are a good start, but how about all those awesome Tesla inventions that create unlimited amounts of electricity out of thin air?

A slightly modified screenshot from the Kurzgesagt video. Don’t sue me, please.

We all praise Thomas Edison for the genius he is, for inventing the light bulb, but at the same time around, Nikola Tesla invented an unlimited source of energy and came up with a way to transmit it wirelessly (and a bunch of other awesome things of course). Go back a hundred years ago and try to tell Tesla that in the future we would have cables everywhere transmitting electricity and cars would still run on fossil fuels and he would think that the future is one big sadistic joke. We’re just too used to this sadistic joke, so we’ve started to call it progress and even grow to like it.

Tesla chilling in his lab. Source — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nikola_Tesla

So maybe the purpose of humanity is to become a real, legit, type I civilization. I don’t know, I’m just saying things. I can’t stop but thinking about how the world would look like if we stopped burning gas and oil and had a source that will generate all the power we need. Which by the way, we do. A source that doesn’t harm anything. Not the planet, not the water, not the people. There will be no global warming. No poverty. A lot less sickness. No need for all those cables everywhere. We would not be tied to the wall.

What Now?

Thing is, the more I read on the net about ET and human contact, the more I understand that the ETs are the good guys trying to warn us about how we use technology and energy. Or they just occasionally come to visit this ghetto planet of ours to see if some intelligence is to be found here. Sorry guys, wrong planet. Or wrong time. Or both. We’re just not there yet. One of the most famous encounters between humans and aliens happened in 1994 in a school in Zimbabwe. But don’t take it from Joe Rogan & Co, here are the kids themselves talking about it.

Enough alien talk, the purpose of this article is to raise a bit of consciousness. About the fact that next to thinking about our own success and how to make more money there is a greater Universal currency that we should not forget. That’s energy and energy usage. I hope we can all agree that there is no future in fossil fuels. Besides the fact that those are extremely dangerous for the planet (and our own health), they are not endless, so why are we so dependent on them? Money, I know. But times will come when money stops meaning anything, especially if we reach a point when water and oxygen start to run out as well. So can we just pause the busy-ness of life and for once focus on our collective human purpose and demand not only more disclosure from our governments but also more action towards a future where we can be an intelligent civilized nation of human beings with a higher purpose than our very own superficial success?

Thanks for making it thus far, I’m very curious about your look on this, so don’t be a stranger, share some thoughts in the comment section below 😊




Commentating on life & design. Also freelancing at both— siyanaivanova.nl.

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Siyana Ivanova

Siyana Ivanova

Commentating on life & design. Also freelancing at both— siyanaivanova.nl.

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